Some House Items 
Due to scheduling conflicts, our scheduled meeting for this evening is being postponed and we will provide the rescheduled date after we have coordinated with the library. Ideally, the rescheduled meeting will be next week, but please stay tuned for a more definite date and time.

The Bake Sale
The bake sale will be happening as planned, this Saturday at Dolores Park (I intend to get there early to ensure space, while others are welcome to come from 11-2). We are still looking for volunteers or contributors, so if you would like to participate – let me know. I will be sharing an event checklist with everyone detailing what we need with updates. Even if you can’t make the event, I am going to try and be available to pick up baked goods (preferably Thursday) – schedule permitting. Note, for those of you who emailed me individually, I promise to respond to you shortly. (Click Here for posted info about the bake sale)

I know that there were a few people who wanted to participate but had prior engagements/schedule limitations; however, as we are trying to fund-raise for a June 20th election date, holding the event this weekend is integral to making a positive impact on Ossof’s campaign. So, if you are bummed you can’t contribute to this bake sale, no worries – If all goes well, I would be open to planning/hosting regular fundraising events for organizations we all agree on.

Your Action of the Day
Lastly, the ‘Action of the Day’ post will be delayed until tomorrow. I encourage everyone to check out the list from yesterday as it still has some great ideas (Click Here) but my schedule didn’t allow me to coordinate a post for today.

Need anything?
As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the group, site, or our event – use the google groups or blog contact (Click Here) to let us know.

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