Help advocate against DAPL and Fossil Fuel Development

Advocate Against DAPL

Donald Trump has signed executive actions restarting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and the Dakota Access fracked oil pipeline. We are asking everyone who spoke up, marched or sat-in to stand up and show Trump that our solidarity with front-line leadershipPlege_Share_Image_Crop-01.jpg is unshakable, and he has severely miscalculated: the opposition will only increase from here. We will oppose every fossil fuel project that violates the science of climate action, the rights of Tribes and the will of the people. Join the Pledge of Pipeline Resistance to be part of the first wave of action to stop Trump’s pipeline plans.

Click here to sign the pledge

Freeze New Fossil Fuel Projects

In order to meet the targets in the Paris Agreement and save the planet from climate devastation, immediately halt new coal, oil and Cholla_power_plant_FB_share_image_for_petition-01gas development and finance a just transition towards a 100% renewable energy future for all.

Click Here to sign the Pledge



Additional Resources

If you are interested, check out ‘Your Action of the Day: 5/25’ which includes these petitions and other helpful ways to resist!


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