Your Action of the Day: 5/19

Have some free time today? Choose an action (or all of them), complete it and let your voice be heard. 

Action 1: Defend America’s libraries by May 19.- Visit: American Library Association       – Complete the form: To send a letter to your senators. Note: Uncheck the box “Subscribe to District Dispatch” to avoid extra email.

I believe in equal rights for all Americans.
Action 2: Oppose misogyny.
Write: Sen John Neely Kennedy (R-LA)

Address: SRB11, Russell Senate Building, Washington, DC 20510

Script: “Who appointed you to the United States Supreme Court?” is not an appropriate way to address a former acting Attorney General. Check your privilege, sir. America expects better of you.

Action 3: Speak up for asylum seekers enduring inhumane conditions in our country.

Donate: Project South is a legal and advocacy group targeting Georgia’s detention centers. Your support helps them advocate and litigate on behalf of the voiceless.


I support the rights and sovereignty of indigenous people.

Action 4: Stand with Native people in defending the sacred by May 26.


Sign: Include a personal message about why protecting Bears Ears National Monument matters to you.

Note: Select “Do not send me updates” if you don’t want extra email.

I believe in a government led by qualified, trustworthy representatives.

Action 5: Advocate for an independent investigation *and* a special prosecutor.

Call: Both senators, red or blue (lookup).

Script: Hi. I’m from _ZIP_ and am deeply concerned about the firing of the FBI Director by Trump. I would like my senator to support both an independent commission and a special prosecutor. Thank you.

These suggestions are courtesy of Jenn Hofmann’s blog which is listed on our resources page. In time, we will also feature our own actions!

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